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Khurshida Begum

Khurshida Begum is an extraordinary and inspiring speaker, with a message that reaches right into the hearts of all of us as human beings.  Hearing her story will move and motivate your audience, undeniably compelling them into ACTION.  As a human rights advocate and social justice activist, Khurshida has spoken around the globe, influencing others to be individually accountable for their own lives and for humanity, regardless of their circumstances or constraints.  Her powerful story of overcoming leaves no doubt about the amazing resiliency we all have inside of us.

Khurshida’s first public speech was in a DARE contest in 6th grade (She won, of course!) and she hasn’t stopped speaking and influencing since. Her passion is to empower all people, especially our youth, vulnerable communities and leaders. She has spoken in the US, as well as in Egypt, Morocco and Bangladesh. Ms. Begum has been a keynote speaker and presenter at many conferences, colleges, K-12 schools, airports, faith-based and non-profit organizations and large corporations.

Originally from Bangladesh, Khurshida is married, has two sons and lives in Washington State. She enjoys volunteering, motorcycling, stiletto shopping, and spending time with her friends and family.

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Khurshida has been a keynote speaker at many youths focused, human rights, mental health, medical and leadership conferences.