Motivational Training

Don’t sit through another boring word for word PowerPoint training! Khurshida provides situational, hands-on, engaging, challenging, and rewarding training to fit the organization’s goals. She has a magical way of bringing out the bravery in all of us to truly be the best version of ourselves. Check out our most requested training topics below - and hover for more information!


Human Trafficking Prevention

We help to define what trafficking is, help your community see the signs of trafficking, and give people resources for next steps. We educate on the prevalence of human trafficking and dispel common myths.

Kindness Into Action

What’s next? Turning your “thoughts and prayers” into action. We help your group identify your values and vision and move focus from “intention” to “impact.” We explore savior complex, authenticity and connection.

Exclusive to Inclusive

Stop falling into traps that keep your talent on the margins! Learn how to better include people to increase quality, attract better talent and prevent turn over.

Sexual Abuse Prevention

Our sexual abuse prevention training is an introduction for people to identify sexual abuse in their community. We educate on common grooming behaviors, mandated reporting, and the impacts of sexual abuse in our community. 

Trauma & PTSD in the Workplace

Experiencing massive turnover? Challenged to keep talent due to the nature of your work? Our trauma and PTSD informed workplace training helps your organization identify what it needs to better support employees experiencing secondary trauma in the workplace.

Communicate With Confidence

Build the confidence you need to compel people with your message! Confidence is key; our training sessions identify skills your team can use to communicate with more efficiency, authenticity, and understanding.

Domestic Violence Awareness

We explore the impacts of domestic violence on schools, families and communities. We dispel myths regarding abuse and identify common abuse scenarios while equipping trainees with the ability to define, identify and report such abuse.

New Employee Orientation

 Sick of drab employee orientations? Bring us on board to create an experience your new employees will never forget! Our focus on community building and life skill development will give your organization the perfect balance of practical skill and human connection. 

Leadership & Empowerment

Our leadership training helps your team define their leadership goals, identify their leadership gaps, name their leadership style, and create opportunities for flexible leadership. Audit your team’s leadership and empower your team to act with confidence and support.

Overcoming Stereotypes and Judgements

How do our stereotypes and judgements impact our work? We help your employees navigate the territory of their community, work, and relationships to understand the impact of the intentions, thoughts, and biases. 

Leadership & Mentorship

 Increase your organization's productivity while creating more community buy-in. Utilize mentor systems to decrease turnover and build relationships within your team. 

Entrepreneurs: Do What You Want!

Identify your vision, make a plan, and make it happen! Build the confidence you need and gain the technical skills to accomplish your entrepreneurial dreams. Honor yourself and create your own hours, mission, and values - so you can do what you want!

Invite ASHHO to help your team bring out the best in themselves and each other!