Order A Plate Full of Kindness

Enjoy delicious ethnic comfort meals knowing you are also contributing to feeding hot healthy ethnic comfort meals to local hungry people in our community.

We Give A Plate full of Kindness 

Since mid-March of 2020 to now, we have fed 2,600 hot ethnic comfort meals to local organizations that do outreach and distribute the comfort meals to vulnerable people living on the streets, in tents, shelters and people on strict low income. We currently donate meals to Community Youth Services, PIPE, Interfaith Works Shelters, Family Education and Support Services, Salvation Army, Family Support Center.

Thinking about providing meals thru Meal Train? 

Why not let us feed ethnic comfort meals to your loved ones! You can pick it up or have us deliver directly. Simply pick the dates/meals/payment and then let us do the rest!

Know someone who is a foodie or hates to cook?

Give them a gift certificate from us and we will provide them with delicious ethnic comfort meals right to their door!

Order Process: 

  1. Order meals for the weeks (6pm the day before)
  2. Let us know any special allergies & requests.
  3. Checkout: Delivery fee $3.50 (2:30-4pm)
  4. Pick up time:  3-4pm
    Location: 5757 Little Rock Rd SW Tumwater, WA
    Text for pick up: 360-561-9229
  5. Payment: PayPal on line, cash, make check for ASHHO,SPC.
  6. Want to just pay it forward to someone hungry? Choose how many meals or $/Choose the no shipping needed.

Issues with ordering or payments?

Email: call: 360-561-9229