Feeding America sites that over 37 million Americans suffer from food insecurity; this includes over 11 million children. With the current pandemic, food insecurity has increased with places like drop in centers and schools unable to feed food insecure people. In Thurston county, these rates are higher than the national average with over 20% of children in our County facing food insecurity in 2016. These rates are only rising.

This is why we need your help. When COVID-19 struck the Olympia region, local speaker and chef Khurshida Begum started the Buy One~Give One program. This program enabled people working from home or swamped with extra duties to purchase meals. These meal purchases were matched with a meal donation to a hungry person in our community.

This program allows us to serve 50-125 meals a week to people facing food insecurity. We partner with local shelters, non profits, outreach programs, churches and tent communities to feed people who would otherwise go without a healthy hot meal.

In 2020 we have fed over 2,000 people through partnerships with organizations like: CYS, Stand Up For Kids, Family Support Center, PIPE and Family Education Support Services.

$75= 5 meals for hungry people
$150=10 meals for hungry people
$300=20 meals for hungry meal
$1500=100 meals for hungry people
$3,000=200 meals for hungry people

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