If you want to better understand, recognize, respond, and report human trafficking, hire Khurshida, who brings a survivor’s perspective and human rights approach.


Human Trafficking is the ultimate crime against humanity. No community or person is excluded from becoming a victim or the trafficker. It is happening in small towns, big cities, and right in our own backyard. The problem is, it’s hidden in plain sight.

Khurshida teaches by sharing her personal experience of being a trafficking survivor from Bangladesh. She wants to address the common red flags missed through the airports, hospitals, schools, and direct service providers. What she learned through her experience and the strategies she used to overcome her situation are instructive—both for survivors and those tasked with identifying or assisting them.

While most of the media focus has been on sex trafficking. Khurshida also brings to light the hidden growing problem of labor trafficking which is more prevalent and impacts the most vulnerable, marginalized communities of Immigrants, Brown, and Black people.

Survivor Mentor and Leadership Victims often feel isolated, alone, vulnerable and misunderstood because no one can possibly know what they are struggling with. That’s why it’s imperative to have another survivor leader to mentor and support them. Being a survivor herself, Khurshida knows first-hand what worked the best to empower and motivate her; not just surviving but thriving on her own. Khurshida can lead support groups or one-on-one to help with healing from trauma and learning to love and appreciate the authentic self. With Khurshida’s expertise in professional speaking, she can guide and mentor survivor leaders to start their own speaking careers.

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